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I am no stranger to blogging. Some years back, I blogged about my radio programme, Nigerian Pride, which aired on the Network Service of Radio Nigeria for a couple of years. Taking time off for a higher academic degree, however, redirected my writing away from creative, and issues based discourses to academic papers and arguments. I have struggled to return to writing articles. The state of the Nigerian media has however propelled me into action.

My blog will revolve around the media world; radio, TV, the internet, films and music. It will attempt to critically analyse the texts and people I encounter. It will capture the ‘oohs! and aahs!’ of my everyday life as a media professional who traverses both the academic world of media studies, journalism and the industry. It will traverse public and private broadcasting.

It will encompass the encounter I have had with industry greats across Africa and the rest of the world. I am particularly interested in how issues of identity, language and popular culture play out in the media, these will reflect in my views as I paddle along.

With 18 years experience behind me in the media, I have a handful of stories and insights to share. I will share the wealth of knowledge, experience I have accumulated here and er…the mistakes too. My grandma says “if a child parades a rich and full wardrobe like the elderly, it cannot have as many rags as that elder”. Yes. Can the young catch up with the varied apparels that the elderly has used in the past? Experience has its place in everything.

My friends in the media across the globe will also share this space with me as guests. As Jacqueline Ogoh, a fellow broadcast journalist says, “Nigeria cannot be the Nigerian of your dream without YOU being the CITIZEN of Nigeria’s dream . . .”
Are your actions in the media promoting mediocrity or activating excellence?
Stay with me here.
Funke -Treasure Durodola works in the Corporate Development, Research and Strategy department of Radio Nigeria, Lagos Operations

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