Clean Up the Beach Campaign-First Ambassador speaks

The founder and Chief executive, Children and the Environment (CATE), a (not-for-profit-organisation) Sola Arit Alamutu and her collaborator, award winning Travel Journalist and CEO Wakaabout Media, Pelu Awofeso put this video together from the first official clean up campaign to ‘fix’ public beaches in Lagos.

Find the text accompanying the video slightly modified:

The General Manager of Radio One 103.5 FM in this video describes the foul state of Okun Alfa (popularly known as Alpha Beach). “It is depressing. One is supposed to come to the beach and be refreshed but this place is not refreshing in the least.”

Mrs Durodola made this observation as guest of honour at the cleanup exercise organized by Children and the Environment (CATE), a not-for-profit-organisation, and Wakaabout Media, promoters of Nigerian culture, arts and domestic tourism on Saturday 18th October 2014.

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