Day 2: The F3TC Coaching Clinic

The F3TC Coaching Clinic is the developmental part of the Championship, where participants learn the basic rules about the game of Table Tennis and are mentored on how to play the game. About fifteen National and State Table Tennis players were coaches to the girls, including celebrated former National player, Mama Sola Abiodun.

Ms. Kaffo mentors at the Coaching Clinic.

All smiles at the end of F3TC Day 2.

Initiator and Consultant Coach strategise at the coaching clinic.

Participating girls being taught how to play ‘doubles’

Oyo State Head Coach, Alh. Idiat Aderibigbe and Ms. Bose Kaffo charting a course at the Coaching Clinic.

Table Tennis player coaches one of the youngest participants at the F3TC Coaching Clinic.

The girls watch and learn how to hold a bat.

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