Hi there! So, I got this little assignment from my brother, I dare not say kid brother, ah, married man with children, even when he is the last born. Back to the story, so my younger brother observed that I am being too formal with my website. I agreed with him. The truth is, I have written this ‘intro’ many times and deleted my draft.  How can it be this hard for a story teller to do a two pager ‘intro’?

Anyway, here’s a glimpse of who I am beyond the formal profile or biography you have read in the second person singular so far.

I am indeed multi skilled, I am all of what you have read and more. I am a broadcast journalist, trainer, mentor, coach, an author, advocate for women and children, speaker, researcher, compere, consultant and lately I discovered a gift in event planning. I have been all of those at different points of my forty plus life. Curiously, I have the grace to excel in them all. Don’t ask me how, because I honestly don’t know. Okay I know, however you’ll have to return for that story.

You would be right if you chose any of the above titles to describe me. Yet despite all of these expressions, I can best be described as ‘unforgettable’. One word. Yes, unforgettable me! I have a high degree of self love, esteem and dignity that are often misjudged as pride by those who don’t know me. But what even my critics can’t deny is that I am always committed to leaving a place better than I met it.

I am principled and disciplined. I was brought up by a soldier father and a teacher mother, I was their first born, how else could I have turned out? Life has to be lived on principles, otherwise one then would be susceptible to any and every wave of thinking. The negative label for being principled is to be described as high handed.

The ‘Omoluwabi philosophy’ was ingrained in me so early in life. I still hear my mum’s voice saying, “ranti omo eniti o je, ati ile ti o ti jade”. Remenber whose child you are and where you are from.

I live my life with integrity and respect for everyone, whether lowly or highly placed. Because I have seen it happen again and again; how the one you think will amount to nothing breaks out of nothing hood to personhood. So I respect both the manifested, expressed and yet to be expressed beings I meet in life.

I constantly love to be like my mum, a woman of strength and a finisher.

‘O ya pari e’, Finish it, she would say. It could be an assignment, a task or a meal.  I seldom have left overs on my plate, even as an adult. Eat only what you can finish was an unwritten rule that applied every other area of my life.

I am passionate. If  I don’t believe in it, I won’t do it. And if I do? I would pour my all into it.

I love being alone, in the company of myself. I don’t do cliques. I love feel good movies. I can’t stand bloody action films. I can’t play any instrument other than clapping my hands to the rhythm of a song, but I love the guitar. Oh I love to fool around with a guitar. It would be a life achievement when I eventually learn to play it. I find the saxophone sexy and fascinating, I am happy to watch it being played.

I have an eclectic taste in music; from highlife to Jazz, and lovers’ rock, pop, afrobeat, country, R&B and so on.

I was a shy girl. Yet I matured into an assertive woman, with books and a focus on purpose. I have done it again and again with others. Each time I was amazed with the transformation.

Now, to this website, what is it for really? Well, it is simply my personal hub, my space. It is both a celebratory and utilitarian space for me and my work.

Hopefully, it will make it easier to access me and the various things I do with my time, talents and energy. Did I mention money? Okay, I am working on blending my altruistic self with the material reality of my environment.

There you go! Done.Informal, unforgettable me. Welcome to my world.

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