Dr. Stella C. Okoli (OON) Supports F3TC

The distinguished Dr. Stella C. Okoli (OON) has delivered on her pledge to support the F3TC. The founder and CEO of Emzor Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited had promised material support earlier in the month for the Table Tennis project.

Her financial donation will now fund the production of jerseys, the empowerment session on drug abuse and doping; and meals for the four day Championship.

Dr. Okoli also donated goody bags, exercise books, pens, and motivational pamphlets to participating girls. This kind gesture on the eve of the F3TC Press Conference is a major boost in organising the first of its kind competition in Oyo State.

The F3TC team is proud of Dr. Okoli’s unalloyed support for the growth and development of the girl-child in Nigeria through sports.

Abosede Kafo

Funke – Treasure Table Tennis Championship (F3TC) has the honour of having the support and coaching of a female table tennis icon, 5-time Table Tennis Olympian; Level Two High Performance coach ITTF certified and Sports & Execrise Analyst, Ms Abosede Kafo, who doubles as the lead coach for the championship.

Abosede Kafo coaches a participant at the event

F3TC’s initiator and founder, Ms Funke-Treasure Durodola presents a special award to Ms Abosede Kafo

Uche Uwadinachi identifies with F3TC, handles photography

Uche is a creative photographer and broadcaster with Metro FM 97.7 Lagos.
He is an award winning performance poet and the author of poetry collections, “SCAR in the HEART” published in 2014; and “Songs to a Flowerbird” published in 2018 .

1st Prize winner of ANA Lagos Poetry Performance Festival (LASPOFEST)Prize 2006

2nd Prize Poetry

Winner of Ken Saro-Wiwa Contest USA 2010,

2nd runner-up – National Poetry Slam competition 2012

2nd runner-up for FNL POETRY Competition 2012 and

1st prize Winner (March) of Poetry – African Street
Writer 2013.

Spoken Word Poet of the Year 2015 at the Nigerian Writer’s Award 2016.

2nd runner-up in the Enugu poetry prize 2018
1st Prize Humanitarian Reporter Award 2018
(Peace and Conflict Resolution Category)

How Your School Benefits by Participating In F3TC

Your school will benefit from the competition in the following ways:

A two- day Coaching Clinic embedded in the Championship in which participating girls will benefit from empowerment sessions on financial literacy, confidence building, reproductive health and rights and other life skills. International trainers will train the girls.

Prizes: The winning school/girl will go away with a branded Table Tennis board, a trophy, a medal, a certificate of participation, while the winning girl competitor goes away with a laptop. There will be lots of gifts from our event supporters for all participants.

Post Event Benefits

Continuous Mentorship/ Coaching Outstanding participating girls will continuously be coached and groomed by F3TC and the Oyo State Table Tennis Association in partnership with the Oyo State Ministry of Youths and Sports.

Friendlies: There will be opportunities for travel and exposure to neighbouring states for competition

School Visibility: There will be increased brand visibility for your school.

Kindly confirm your participation to Mr. Niyi Alebiosu on 0802.300.0752.

Also download, fill and return the attached forms on or before 15th August, 2018 to Mrs. Bolatito Joseph at Radio Nigeria, Broadcasting House, Oba Adebimpe road, Dugbe, Ibadan.

Use the link below to download the application forms for the two nominated girls from your school.

F3TC Registration Form Download

About F3TC Championship Ambassadors

These are popular media professionals who have distinguished themselves in their careers in the country.

The ambassadors will be coached by a female table tennis icon, 5- Time Table Tennis Olympian; Level Two High Performance Coach ITTF certified and Sports & Exercise Analyst, Ms. Abosede Kafo, who doubles as the lead coach for the championship.

F3TC’s initiator and founder, Ms. Funke-Treasure Durodola, a leading media professional will also be part of the team.

Championship ambassadors can adopt a promising girl in any of the three categories in our Adopt –A- Girl Programme.

This would ensure such a girl remains in school and keeps her interest in Table Tennis alive.

We leave your support in that wise to your imagination and preferences.

The F3TC Lagos Novelty Match is being planned for Thursday August 2, 2018.

We celebrate your continued influence and star power online and in the print media.

When influencers like you identify with projects like this, it gains traction and the buy- in of the people.

We therefore ask for your kind support, clout and platform to enable the F3TC achieve the success it deserves.

Signed:The F3TC Team

14 Year Old Child Bride Murders Husband

“She was married to a man that she didn’t love. She protested but her parents forced her to marry him,” – Zubeida Nagee

Its the 8th day of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence Joint Campaign.
Beyond the fun fair, and the orange your neighbourhood initiative that coloured the campaign; real life issues that women experience and struggle with continue to stare the world in the face.

The news about a group of men in Kenya who attacked an indecently dressed lady heralded the commemoration of the event this year. And then global icon, Bill Cosby made the rounds on allegations of rape which took place some years back. The state government in Lagos, Nigeria is presently campaigning, and justifiably so, against rape as a form of violence against women.

Meanwhile tucked somewhere faraway from headline news is another child bride case which is brewing presently in Northern Nigeria and tending slowly towards the horrific. And the world seem almost oblivious of it.

In Gezawa, 60 miles from Kano, Wasilat Tasi’u is presently standing trial for the murder of her 35-year-old husband, Umar Sani. The man died after eating food that Tasi’u is purpoted to have laced with rat poison. She is alleged to have killed her hubby two weeks after their wedding in April, earlier this year.

Three others died from eating the food according to reports. The prosecution, led by a senior state council from the Kano State Ministry of Justice is seeking the death penalty

The case is dire in two ways. First, the legality of trying a 14-year-old for murder under criminal law. The scond borders on the rights and plight of child brides in Nigeria.

Child rights activists like Zubeida Nagee Zubeida quoted above argue that Tasi’u was a victim of systematic abuse endured by millions of girls in the Northern region. They say the blend of traditional customs, Islamic law and Nigeria’s constitutional law pose a challenge when advocating for the rights of young girls in Nigeria.

Although there was a protest about Wasilat’s predicament, nothing progressive has been achieved.

The High court judge, Justice Mohammed Yahaya has adjourned the court until December 22 while Tasi’u will be in state juvenile custody till then.

Perhaps there are just “so much trouble in the world”, echoing the words of a notable reggae artiste. World leaders are rather preoccupied with the horror that IS has continually unleashed in recent times. Or could it be that child advocates have grown weary, of an unsuccessful campaign for the release of the kidnapped Chibok girls?

Wasilat Tas’iu’s plight as a girl child in Nigeria is under reported. She is a minor who was thrown into a form of modern day slavery, who wanted out by all means.

Is killing one’s husband justifiable under the law? No. Is it justifiable within the Nigerian constitution to marry a minor? No. Will justice be served in this case? It’s over to the court of public opinion.

Please don’t let Wasilat die.