Funke Treasure Durodola, a news anchor, producer and breakfast show host with Radio Nigeria, started her romance with the written word in her early teens. She was the library prefect in her 6th year in primary school. As the custodian of the school’s books, she often locked herself up in the library reading most of the books.

She was a shy young girl who could never stand before audiences at literary and debating competitions in secondary school. She was however a valuable resource in developing ideas for the girls who represented the school at such competitions.

She was, however, comfortable writing essays, so she represented her school, Our Lady of Apostle’s Girls Secondary School, Ijebu Ode in essay writing competitions. Hers was always among the top four essays. Once,in 1986, she clinched the first place in a state wide essay competition in Ogun State in her fourth year in secondary school. That fetched her, her first appearance ever in a newspaper, the Nigerian Tribune.

Funke- Treasure did her youth service in Umuahia, Abia State. After her service year in the late 90’s, she wrote articles for the defunct Family Support Programme (FSP) magazine published by Abia State’s first lady, Mrs. Fasanya, then. She was a member of the pioneer team that published the magazine during the tenure of Colonel Moses Fasanya, who was the military administrator of Abia State then.

She started writing again in 2003, for New Age newspaper, now defunct. As a columnist with the paper, she shared her experience as a breakfast show host on Metro FM, Lagos. She created a segment, ‘Back- to- Basics’,  on the breakfast show through which she engaged with writers and authors. In mid 2005, she moved her column to the Nigerian Guardian, writing for the Saturday edition. She stopped in 2007 because of the demands of an international appointment. She however maintained a keen interest in literary activities.

Ms. Durodola continually celebrated Nigerian writers in the diaspora through ‘Nigerian Pride’, an interview programme, she pioneered on the Network Service of Radio Nigeria. As a pioneer producer and presenter, she maintained a blog about the programme and showcased credible Nigerians living abroad. Some of the interesting personalities she has interviewed can be found on the Radio Nigeria website.

On Radio Link, Radio Nigeria’s most prestigious interview programme, she repeatedly interviewed award winning writers shortlisted for the NLNG PRIZE for Literature until her disengagement for her further studies in South Africa.

Funke Treasure has a Masters degree in Journalism and Media Studies in Rhodes University. While there, she volunteered her time for Curry Library and Eluxolweni Boys Shelter in Grahamstown. She edited the book, ‘Akunna and the King’ written by Rita Okobi Jack in 2011. She was a semi finalist of the Yales World Fellows Programme in 2011.

She is a closet poet, her poems were published in an anthology in 2013.

‘Memories of Grandma’ is her debut book.

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Memories of Grandma

Memories of Grandma